The Issues

Mayor Lioneld Jordan

New Business & Development for Fayetteville, AR

Business Community & Economic Development

Mayor Jordan will continue crucial partnerships with Fayetteville’s small business and innovation community. Our city-community partnerships make Fayetteville among the best places to live in America. The 10-For Fayetteville bond initiatives are currently being rolled out – hundreds of millions of dollars in new projects will sustain the city in coming months. Mayor Jordan will see these projects to completion & everyone will be heard.

Trails and Green investment for Fayetteville

Trails & Green Investment

Mayor Jordan will continue to champion green infrastructure and green energy. Before & after COVID-19, Fayetteville is a community of naturalists and families who love the outdoors. Expanding our trail infrastructure increased access & led to a healthier city. Responsible resource use decreased Fayetteville’s carbon footprint. We are more resilient for these efforts and poised to weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Safety & First Responders Fayetteville

Public Safety & First Responders

Mayor Jordan will continue to lead Fayetteville by putting public health & safety first. Construction on our new police station and fire houses begins Summer 2020. In recent months, the Mayor made a series of responsible decisions to protect our frontline workers from COVID-19. The city will re-open with the input of public health experts, state leaders, and local leaders in business & education.

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